Study Tips for Passing Exams

Exams time is the time when you can feel scared, confident or careless about whatever you did throughout the year. Students go through all of these, but the worst feeling is when you feel careless and scared. The best feeling is however when you are confident about what you have done the whole year or semester. The problem is when the fear paralyzes you to study hard before your exams. This is the time you need to know that the fear can be used positively to study hard and gather a lot out of your subject. The following study tips will help you during exam time.

Write questions from previous years’ exams

The first thing you should do is to know the main parts of the subject and the best and fastest way of doing this is by writing down the questions from exams done in the previous years. Writing 3 to 5 papers from previous years will give you deep and quick insight about the subject and the parts you need to focus on more.previousyears

Start with what you know best

Avoid starting your studies for an exam with what you do not know. It is advisable to divide the areas you are conversant with among those you are not so that you will not feel bored when studying for the exams.

Study only the next subject you will have exam in

You can consider studying for the subject of the exam after you next paper since you may be having some extra time. Doing this may, however, confuse you when solving your next exam. It is therefore recommended that you do not study for the exam that is your next paper to avoid getting confused.


Practice revision during relaxing time

Relax time is the time before sleeping for most people. After waking up and when taking your shower practice revision in by thinking about the things you have studied during the day in details. Using deep thinking you can easily and quickly remember information when solving your exam and avoid blackouts.

Organize time for subjects two weeks earlier

planforsubjectsEach year there are hard and long subjects, and there are those that are easy and short. Organize your time between each of these subject so that you know how long each subject takes. This way you will get to finish subjects at the right time. You also need to switch to other subjects in the required time even if you may not be done studying the previous one. This is why it is vital to put enough time into organizing your study schedule.

These study tips will help you be successful in your exams, and every student needs to put them into practice.…